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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Recognition Event

How to make your business cutting-edge

Great interactive article! Check it out.

Friday, February 17, 2012

MBMP in Action!

A member of the kitchen staff at Abbott's Grill, Cynthia shows Milford High School student Emily how to measure out yeast for bread.

 Here, Emily measures out salt for the bread. The kitchen staff was preparing food for a large-scale event that evening!

 Milford High School student Dalton prepares a table at Georgia House Restaurant, where he is mentored.

 Students Dalton and Jose lay silverware as they prepare a table for potential customers at Georgia House.

Dalton and Jose ask Chef Cortez about the expenses of the restaurant and how inventory is ordered.
For the last speaker session, students heard from Jessica Carmona, Technical Assistance Coordinator at the First State Community Loan Fund. 
Jessica reviewed many of the topics we covered throughout the program to date (e.g. making a business plan, dealing with setbacks, seeking out loan opportunities) and shared her own insight into microenterprise finance.

Third speaker session with Delaware native and real estate investor Jeff Bowers, CEO of The Bowers Group. Jeff discussed the importance of a business plan with the students. While often not the most glamorous aspect of being an entrepreneur, the business plan is the backbone of every successful small business!


Thursday, February 16, 2012


Last week at Georgia House me and my partner had an O.K day. We asked Jason if he loved his job and he answer saying "yes I do love me Job". I learned that to have a Business and make it work and grow you must Love your Job. If you don't love your job you wont go that far so its better to love your job then not because if you do you know what your doing and everything will go great. But if you don't love your job you are going to fail in your Business.


I can't help but notice that each speaker seems to be more interesting than the previous. Mike is no exception. He instantly caught my attention with his vivacious humor and blunt honestly. I do believe that I've learned more from him than any other speaker. From the three main marketing advantages to prioritization, the most important thing that Mike taught me was that my choices not only affect me but my family as well and the reality of being an entrepreneur is that success revolves around determination, hard work, and perseverance. This meant a lot  to me because I'm  one of the many teens who've had to grow up faster than most due to my responsibilities.  I've always had to make tough choices, and my personal hope is that I keep my family close to my heart. But there will come a time that I have to think about the big picture and make a choice that could make or break me. Mike has done this by following his heart. And although he isn't as successful as he could have been, he is happy with his life and his family is happy as well. I think that the choice he made was illogical but necessary and worth the risk. In my eyes he has become more successful than any millionaire. Honestly, at the beginning of this program I was a bit hesitant to speak out. I suppose I have to get used to those around me before confidently speaking. But after getting a bit deeper into the program I was more than willing to share what was on my mind. It's so hard to believe that tomorrow is our last meeting. It's been a true honor to participate with such great people, two hours a week make a real difference. I'll make sure I thank everyone for there time and advice. when I become successful I will make sure that returning the favor and enlighten the next generation of entrepreneurs is on the top of my list.